Parent Education

Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding roles in life. At MAP, we offer parent education training to help parents develop the skills they need to raise happy, healthy, and resilient children. 

Our training program focuses on providing practical tools and techniques that parents can use to support their children's development and well-being.

Our experienced trainers work with parents of all ages, from new parents to experienced parents, to provide customised training programs that meet their specific needs. We cover a wide range of topics, including child development, positive parenting, communication skills, and behaviour management. Our training is based on evidence-based practices and is designed to help parents build the skills they need to raise confident and resilient children.

Through interactive workshops and hands-on activities, we help parents develop practical skills that they can use in their everyday lives. Our training is designed to be fun and engaging, and our trainers provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where parents can ask questions and share their experiences.

With our parent education training, parents can feel more confident in their parenting abilities and be better equipped to support their children's development and well-being. They will learn how to communicate effectively with their children.


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