Guardian Angel Circle - Awareness and Prevention of Child Abuse

At MAP, we believe that safety doesn't happen by accident, and the safety of children in schools is of utmost importance. With the increasing number of cases of child sexual abuse in India, schools have a crucial responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their students. 

That's why we've developed the Guardian Angel Circle program to help schools create a safe and secure environment for their students.

Our program focuses on the prevention of child sexual abuse (CSA) by educating students, leaders, teachers, staff and parents. We aim to create an awareness to prevent abuse and provide comprehensive training to recognise signs of abuse and potential areas or situations in which students may be vulnerable.

Our unique approach uses a holistic 360° model that begins with the Self and ends with You, teaching both children and adults effective means for child safety.

The Guardian Angel Circle program is led by a team of facilitators who are trained and experienced counselors. They work with students, teachers, leaders, and parents in this regard.


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The program is structured in a five-tier model, which includes:

Our program is designed to be customizable based on the specific needs of each school. Training sessions usually require a number of days, which will depend on the total number of students and adults that need to be trained. Details about how the sessions can be mapped according to dates, grades, strength, etc. shall be discussed and scheduled in advance.

We have successfully implemented standard operating procedures in organizations and communities where the onus has been placed on each adult to prevent CSA and to keep each child secure. The training is available in a package form, which includes training for all students, staff, and parents of your school.

We also recognise the need and practicality of training adults in schools and facilities that can keep the programme running continuously without needing us to engage year after year as students and staff rotate. In order to meet this requirement we also have training of trainers (TOT) programmes. 

We understand that safeguarding children is a serious matter, and we are here to help schools take proactive steps and measures to prevent CSA. Contact us to learn more about the Guardian Angel Circle program and take the next step towards creating a safe and secure environment for your students.

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